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NFM NanoFluorescence Microscope

The NFM is a specialized optical microscope system custom-designed for imaging individual single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) through their intrinsic short-wave infrared fluorescence. It is ideal for SWCNT studies in physics, chemistry, biomedicine, and environmental research. The NFM is the new, more affordable replacement for our pioneering NM1 Fluorescence Microscope.

Each NFM turn-key system includes:

  • A high quality modular inverted fluorescence microscope
  • An objective lens selected for its short-wave IR optical performance
  • Custom optical filters for SWCNT excitation and imaging
  • An LS-4 fluorescence excitation system with four computer-controlled lasers  (also sold separately!)
  • Optics for controlling excitation beam polarization, intensity, and focusing
  • A thermoelectrically cooled scientific grade InGaAs camera for image capture
  • A computer system with software for apparatus control and data acquisition
  • Optional short-wave infrared spectrometer for fluorescence microspectroscopy
  • On-site installation and training
  • A one-year parts and labor warranty


Versatile Visualization of Individual SWCNT with NIR Fluorescence Microscope. Tsyboulski et al Nano Letters (2005) 5, 975-979

SWCNTs in the Intact Organism: Near-IR Imaging and Biocompatibility Studies in Drosophila. Leeuw et al Nano Letters (2007) 7, 2650


Examples of SWCNT fluorescence visualization using the NanoFluorescence Microscope

  • Video of an individual single-walled nanotube in aqueous suspension
  • Video of the fluorescence glow of carbon nanotubes in a live fruitfly
  • Video of how the fluorescence of a SWCNT is influenced by its properties
  • Visualization of internal organs in fruit fly larvae using SWCNT fluorescence: dorsal vessel (1); intestinal tract (2)



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